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What Is Graphite Crucible?

A container utilized for melting and forming non-ferrous and-iron elements, for instance, gold, silver, aluminum, and brass, is known as a crucible. Due to the thermal conductivity, high-temperature resistance, and anti-sprain properties to rapid heating and cooling, a graphite crucible is now known as an efficient manufacturing tool. Crucibles are resistant to corrosion, acids, and alkaline solutions and have excellent chemical stability. 

Top 2 Types Of Graphite

Graphite is of two types; one is natural, and the other one is synthetic graphite. To make any of the classes, you might need a crucible which you may find from a graphite crucibles exporter at a very reasonable price; let’s take a sneak peek

1. Natural Graphite

One that is manufactured from natural graphite is a naturally occurring crystalline form of carbon. Manufacturing of this type of graphite takes place by combining graphite with fire-resistant clay or carbon dioxide. 

2. Synthetic Graphite

Synthetic graphite is formed by meting out petroleum pitch and coke, which are byproducts of the oil refining process. It has an untainted high fixed carbon content with shallow impurities and a low Sulphur content. 

Uses Of Graphite Crucible

• Graphite crucibles are used as the method for transferring and moving molten metals. 

• They are considered to perfectly suit the temperature, chemical, and physical requirements of the precise operation. 

• It is used in a fuel-fired furnace powered by gas, oil, propane to withstand the burner flame, which allows the heat’s distribution.

• The crucibles are designed explicitly for electric resistance furnaces, as they are placed at an equal distance from the heating elements. 

• In induction furnaces, crucibles are used to melt the charge.