Graphite electrode

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Why Graphite is the Most Widely Used Material for Electrodes?

We being well-skilled wholesale Graphite Electrode Supplier employ only the best quality graphite raw materials for electrodes because it is the only material that can serve with these following benefits.

1. It is easy to operate.

2. It is accessible in huge blocks.

3. It is highly resistant to thermal shock.

4. It even has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (almost 3 times lesser than copper), which assures electrode geometry's stability throughout electro-discharge machining.

5. It does not liquify but goes straight from the solid-state to the gaseous at 3,400°C, which reduces wear.

6. The density of graphite is 5 times lower than that of copper, which leads to lighter electrodes.

7. It renders a higher metal removal rate than copper with less wear.

8. It has this distinctive characteristic that the wear ratio tends to reduce as the peak current increases.

Applications of Graphite Electrode

The graphite electrodes are the main heating elements used by the Bulk Graphite Electrode manufacturer in the following furnaces.

Electric Arc Furnace

Graphite electrodes are mainly employed in an electric arc steelmaking furnace. Electric furnace steelmaking employs graphite electrodes to introduce current into that furnace. A strong current creates an arc expulsion through the gas at the lower end of the electrode and utilizes the heat generated by the arc to smelt.

Ore-Heating Furnace

Graphite electrodes are also used in ore-heating furnaces to produce ferroalloys, yellow phosphorus, pure silicon, matte and calcium carbide, etc., which is categorized by electrical conductivity.

Resistance Furnace

In resistance furnaces, graphitization furnaces produce graphite products, melting furnaces for melting glass, and electric furnaces for making silicon carbide.

Benefits of Graphite Electrodes

The graphite electrodes provided by the Wholesale Graphite Electrode exporter serves the benefits like low resistivity, strict consumption control, high-temperature strength, good thermal conductivity, low ash content, low thermal expansion coefficient, high mechanical stability as well as electrical conductivity, compact structure, high oxidation resistance, and other significant advantages.