Graphite Mould

We Are the Leading Wholesale Graphite Mould Distributor

L.T Graphite is proud to present one of the finest quality graphite moulds for their customers made from only the purest form of graphite extracted from the raw materials. We put all our efforts into making our products one of the best in the international market. Thanks to our hard working employees we are able to compete internationally in the graphite production and we never comprise on the quality of products we are known to provide only the best and nothing but the best quality graphite mould products to our customers worldwide.

We Never Settle For Less In Quality

Being one of the remarkable wholesale graphite mould distributor we deliver our products to our customers all over the world in order to help them in their needs. Our structurally perfected graphite moulds gives very clear and precise casting details so our customers can get detailed and perfected designs of alloy parts when casted using our graphite mould. Designing and manufacturing the finest quality graphite mould requires a lot of things and a multitude of factors into consideration. Being technologically ahead in the market we can constructs graphite moulds at a faster rate than any other international competitor of ours.

Factors That Makes Our Products Ahead Of Others

We only used a specified grade of graphite which is the hardest and important part when making perfectly designed graphite moulds. A wide varirty of alloys are constructed using graphite moulds and thanks to our advanced we have made them in more durable then before which simply means no matter how many alloys you construct using our graphite moulds it will still remain the same as brand new.

Our Customer Service

We provide our customers with the top-notch customer’s service and help them choose the right type of products for their projects to help them scale up their business. We take care of the product that we deliver to our customers all over the world by putting them in a packing that is bordered with thermocol so that it won’t get damaged along the way.