Graphite Rod

L.T Graphite- A Proud Custom Graphite Rod Supplier

L.T Graphite is a proud venture of L.T Group. and has its roots in China as a wholesale graphite rod manufacturer with four production facilities in the Henan province and a branch producing base in the Sichuan province. L.T graphite looks after the entire production line of fine and medium grain graphite, ensuring the utmost quality. L.T Graphite has been a pioneer graphite rod exporter in China and has widened its wings over the years. Among the other wholesale graphite rod distributors, L.T has emerged as a key player in China and has aimed to become one of the leading custom graphite rod suppliers. 

Various Uses of Graphite 

Graphite is a multipurpose material that is essential for various purposes in the industrial world. Various applications require the inclusion of graphite in their manufacturing process. Here are the few common industrial applications of the graphite rod. 


Over the years, the use of graphite batteries has increased, and technological advancements have made them a useful resource compared to the other kinds of batteries. The anode of all the major batteries is constructed using synthetic and natural graphite. Graphite rods are used to construct various battery technologies, and many industries rely on identical means of power delivery. All the major wholesale graphite rod manufacturers provide material for the making of these batteries. Depending on the type of battery required to be manufactured, many companies also rely on Custom graphite rod suppliers to accommodate their production needs.


The domestic use of graphite can be seen in the pencils that we use in our daily lives. The pencil's tip uses the powdered form of graphite to make a thin graphite rod which several pencil-making brands use. A large number of the world's graphite rod exporters provide material for graphite powder used in the manufacturing of these pencils.

Steel Making 

The steel-making industry relies extensively on graphite as natural graphite is used as a catalyst to raise the carbon in molten steel. Many steel manufacturing firms use synthetic graphite for raising the carbon component during the process. Established companies are most likely to rely on various wholesale graphite rod distributors to get their graphite share for the procedure.