High purity fine-grain graphite

High Purity Fine Grain Graphite Manufacturer- L.T Graphite

We are one of the leading wholesalers in the international market who is well known all over the world as high purity fine grain graphite manufacturer. We put all our effort into making the finest quality graphite products for our customers and never comprise in our quality. Thanks to our hard-working staff we deliver only the best quality products by selecting raw materials rich in graphite. We separate the graphite from the raw materials in order to get the finest quality graphite grains in order to manufacture our products that is the main reason we have earned the title of one of the best fine grain graphite exporter.

We Are The Remarkable Fine Grain Graphite Exporter

We export all our products all over the world at the best wholesale prices. We have advanced cutting-edge technology that not only makes our graphite products the best but it also helps us save up a lot of raw materials that we can use later. 

Multitude Application Of Fine Grain Graphite

There are many applications and uses of fine grain graphite found across multiple industries. They are most commonly used in the application of die casting and blast furnace, the very structure of graphite grains is generally related to high density which provides very clear and precise machined details and very good surface finishes that is why its demand is high in the international market.

Our Customer Service

Being one of the best fine grain graphite exporter in the international market we have one the remarkable customer service to help our customer receive their products on time all over the world. We monitor our customer’s products and assure them of their product's safe delivery on their doorstep. We are here to help our customers because we care about them. Our shipment takes 10 to 12 days most of the time to deliver your products.